To assure a successful transmission of data and quick continuance of our work together, please follow the guidelines below:

RENAME the file specifically (e.g. “.bak or .db file”), not the zip folder, and add your Cbord/Horizon project or case number to the file name. (e.g. 123456dbname.bak)

Unless specifically discussed with the requesting Cbord/Horizon contact for unscrubbed data upload processes, as this can cause error in the upload process.

We realize your data may contain HIPAA/PHI and the security of this data is of utmost priority. Our process follows strict rules around security file transfers. Data is encrypted in transit and while at rest and follows technical safeguards as outlined in HIPAA security laws. In almost all circumstances, we will apply a PHI scrub patch automatically to your database, all before it reaches human hands on the Cbord/Horizon side. Data is encrypted in-transit when using LiqudFiles and is sent to an encrypted and isolated location for processing.

If you or your database administrator needs any assistance exporting a copy of your MSSQL database, please see Step 1 of this helpful solution.